See What Former Students and Parents Say About MAYA

Sarah Hazimi

“MAYA not only gave me a wide variety and high standard curriculum, but beyond that – it taught me a lesson that would fundamentally shape the way I would live. MAYA taught me that my dreams can be accomplished without compromising my faith because it is, after all, my faith that inspires my dreams.”

J.D., University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
B.A., University of Michigan – Dearborn

Laureen Bazzi

“The MAYA curriculum, along with the outstanding environment and helpful staff, has and will always benefit me. As a MAYA alumni student, I can proudly say that I was fully prepared not only for high school, but also for life religiously, academically, and socially.”

  • High School senior

Ali Mohamad Farhat

“I attended MAYA School from 2003 to 2009. My experience with the school was uniquely important to my growth. Not only did the academics of the school prepare me very well for my education after I left, the environment also helped me grow into a faithful Muslim. I am currently at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, studying for my Master’s Degree in Biochemistry, and I am proud to say that being an alumnus of the MAYA school was critical for helping me to determine my path in life.”

Amar Mashhour

“MAYA gave me a unique perspective in high school by instilling Islamic teachings into my belief system and supporting me for years which ultimately taught me responsibility, respect, and integrity.”

  • High School senior

Mary Turfah

“I attended MAYA from pre-K all the way through fifth grade. My experiences there helped prepare me for my future academic pursuits, as well as for my life as a Muslim in our increasingly islamophobic world.

My teachers at MAYA believed in me. The importance of this cannot be understated, especially during the earliest years of children’s development—to have had the opportunity to learn in spaces where I was made to feel I was capable has definitely contributed to my current academic successes.

Our community, and our world, are suffering, largely due to a fundamental lack in our understanding of what it means to be good and to do good—to live our lives in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad. Kids need good role models. They need good parents. And they need good teachers and solid understanding of God if they are to live their best lives.
MAYA, from my experience, can help lay the foundation for that.

I graduated from Yale University in 2016 with a double major in Anthropology and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. I will be attending medical school this coming fall inshallah.”

Linda Raza

“I’m sure you get many unhappy or negative emails from parents; more than positive ones. Especially since it’s human nature to speak of the negative over positive.  Approaching the end of the 1st card marking, I want to share that I thank God every single day that we decided to re-enroll our daughter – This year is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!  The teachers this year are the best I’ve ever seen, anywhere, ever!!!!!! I brag to everyone I talk to that my daughters teachers are the absolute best of the best!  I thank the entire Maya staff for the most amazing year.”

  • Middle school parent

Chadi Habib

“It is well worth mentioning that the MAYA boys’ soccer team has demonstrated the true values of MAYA school in showing Islamic behavior during, before and after their soccer games. I was proud as a parent to watch how they held themselves during their last soccer game. Very briefly, the opposing team used very crude words towards our players and their demeanor on the field was certainly uncouth to say the least. Despite the opposing teams’ behavior every single member of the MAYA  team held on to the Islamic values and refused to respond in kind. Rather, they showed a strong presence on the field and were victorious not just by winning the game but also by demonstrating proper values. The referees came up to me after the game and informed me that the parents should be very proud of the MAYA players because they were extremely polite, respectful and a strong team.  Great job Coach Hassan.”

  • Parent of 2nd, 4th , 6th grader