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MAYA follows and implements the Common Core State Standards for language arts and math, and the State of Michigan’s Standards for science and social studies. Our students take the new State Assessment, M-STEP (former MEAP)  in grades 3-8, and the ACT Explore Terra Nova tests in 8th grade, every year. We received AdvanED accreditation in 2010 (an agency which ensures high standards in education) and continue our school improvement process on a regular basis.

Cultural Diversity

We believe that an appreciation and awareness of diverse cultures through the exploration of history, geography, art, and foreign language is very important for establishing a well-rounded, responsible Muslim student.


We believe that recital of, interpreting, and understanding the Qur’an is essential to develop a true Islamic identity.

Islamic Education

Students are taught Fiqh, laws of Islam; the history of prophets and Ahlul Baytakhlaq, or Islamic manners; and hadith, the Prophet’s oral traditions and deeds.   

Arabic Language

Being that Arabic is the language of the Holy Qur’an, teaching the students to speak, read, understand and write Arabic is fundamental.

Prayer Time

All students at MAYA have the benefit of performing group prayer (Salat Jama’ah) in the Masjid every day.  This instills in students and staff a rewarding experience spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

Physical Education

Our physical education courses focus on teaching students the importance of a healthy body through physical movement, nutrition, and rest.  During class, the students participate in activities that build skills for sports while exercising.  It is important to make sure that students understand the importance of physical education, as it creates healthier and more disciplined students.

The elementary physical education curriculum works to build basic skills.  Once those basic skills are achieved, they begin learning different sport skills that they carry into their middle school course.  The basic skills taught and/or games played are: hopping, skipping, galloping, jumping, catching, balancing, rolling, throwing/tossing, dribbling, kicking and passing the ball, animal movements, sound activities, MAYA Island, soccer, kickball, basketball, gymnastics, and yoga.

Middle school education focuses on learning basic sport skills, as well as learning to work with your classmates through team building strategies.  The sports taught in our curriculum are: soccer, basketball, kickball, football, volleyball, yoga, gymnastics, Frisbee dodgeball, racket ball, tennis, and hockey.  Some team building exercises that are used during our curriculum are games such as capture the flag, MAYA island, and others.

Student Council

MAYA Student Council focuses on many different aspects.  The members (5th-8th graders) serve as a voice for the students to which they present to the administration.  Student council also aims to create leaders and active members of the community.  The members organize and set up fundraisers for different organizations.  They have organized many fundraisers to collect clothing, food, and/or money that were later donated to needy organizations.  One fundraiser that stuck out was a basketball game in which student council members as well as students from MAYA participated to raise money for Children’s Hospital for the disabled by playing the game in casts, wheelchairs, using crutches, etc.  They have also raised money for cancer awareness in many capacities.  These members continue to brainstorm different ideas to help their fellow classmates, and as well as various organizations.


Parent Teacher Committee (PTC)

Our PTC engages in many volunteer activities such as the hot lunch program, bake sales, field trips, celebrations, etc. We also collaborate with many community organizations to foster positive partnerships.