Pre-K Program

See Why Our Pre-K Program is Second to None



We have a comprehensive program targeting Language Development, Creative Arts, Social/Emotional Development, Physical Development, Approaches to Learning, Mathematical Thinking and Science. Our initiatives involve fully engaging students in inquiry units that will encourage the development of a rich schema and help students attain the prior knowledge essential to further their understanding in the years to come.

Such units will include Geography, Planets, and Chemistry!

The preschoolers will be learning and exposed to a vast amount of learning and fun! Our literacy program is individualized, meaning students will be conferred with on a weekly basis and their progress will be noted for you to look at. Contents of each student’s book buddy bag will reflect current standing and learning. Assessments are done bi-weekly and help teachers gear their instruction to where student’s needs are. Kindergarten Readiness assessments are done on all students entering kindergarten to show student achievement as well as areas for improvement.


Students are taught multiple verses from the Quran as well as duas.  Islamic values and morals are woven into the lessons on a daily basis. Historical stories are discussed interactively which help encourage the development of virtuous character in children. Preschoolers develop a love for Islam that is unconditional!


Being that this is the language of the Holy Quran, teaching the students to read and write Arabic is a necessity. As beginners, preschoolers are taught the Arabic letters and sounds, vocabulary and Arabic nasheeds.